Education Background

A native to the Seattle area, I have always been an unorthodox person from a very young age, so it is no surprise that my practice is an integration of my professional background and intuitive, unique style. Valuing professional training, I began my career as a drug/alcohol counselor, after graduating from Washington State University in 1996, with a BS in Psychology and Minor in Alcohol Studies. I worked in agency and school based settings for 15 years, and during that time, I completed my Master’s degree in Mental Health counseling from Seattle University, 2005, opening my private practice thereafter. While earning my Master’s degree, I also completed Reiki training, becoming a certified Reiki Master in the State of Washington, along with learning the energetic healing system of, Matrix Energetics. To access the powerful mind-body connection, I offer a holistic approach that combines my professional counseling background, energetic healing skills and intuitive gifts that I have been blessed with.

I have expertise in such areas of addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, family of origin issues, self esteem, life transitions, relationship issues, spirituality, and intuition. Supporting diversity, I work with people from adolescence and up, ethnic/cultural backgrounds, abilities, and sexual orientation. All are welcome.

In addition to my private practice, you will find that I teach all levels of Reiki, since 2006, along with other intuitive classes. I have also answered a calling to reach large groups to serve humanity in the evolution of consciousness by producing a spiritually based program called, The One Gathering. The newest path in my career, is in connection to ancient Egyptian energies, facilitating group sessions to, ‘Meet with The Divine Egyptian Council.’ And for a free bi-monthly podcast, you can catch, Doubly Divine Radio, that I co-host with, Justice Bartlett.

If you are seeking healing and assistance into your life’s situation, or would like to take a class, please call for an initial free, brief phone consultation, or email me at, Jennifer@integratehealing.com, to inquire for an appointment or class.



My work involves helping clients heal from dysfunctional patterns and traumas as they access their personal power and inner resources. In this process, clients develop new belief systems and experience greater personal satisfaction. Clients regain solidity, clarity, focus, flexibility, alignment, and achieve profound insights for deep healing. Clients become aware of irrational thoughts and mistaken beliefs in order to stay centered within difficult situations, increased awareness of the dynamics of family/social/work relationships, that all guide to making empowered decisions. Clients tap into their own inner wisdom and innate abilities to create desired lifestyle outcomes.

While a traditional counseling process can provide effective insight and awareness, the energetic, intuitive healing techniques, in addition to counseling, helps to subtly remove ‘blocks’ that may be interfering in making an inner shift that the talk therapy is unable to address alone. Past trauma and behavioral patterns are stored within the consciousness of the body-mind, and are accessed by techniques from the healing systems of, Reiki and Matrix Energetics. Patterns that have been passed down through ancestry are also accessed and evolved through the energy work, enabling the client to more easily utilize coping mechanisms gained through the counseling process, as well as eliminating the emotional charge that has been connected to trauma and relational dynamics.

I have a gentle and intuitive style, using a nonjudgmental, supportive approach. I am direct and honest with feedback and observations. Whether working with you, you and your partner, or your child, I will honor your unique personality and values. It is important to me that clients feel respected and understood when they are in my office.

Sessions include a blend of psychotherapy with energetic and intuitive healing techniques. Clients can choose to have a traditional talk therapy only session, or to receive the energetic healing support that Reiki and Matrix Energetics provide, guided by my counseling background. I draw from, Solution Focused, Cognitive-Behavioral, Family Systems, Gestalt, Existentialism, and Person Centered therapy, within my counseling background.

Sixty or ninety minute sessions are available, reserving a minimum of twenty minutes for the energetic work within a combination approach session. I work with individual, adolescent, couples, and groups. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs and the requests of the client.


Mind/Body Connection

Throughout our lifetime, memories, patterns, and trauma become absorbed and stored in the body, causing ongoing physiological and/or psychological issues to the unaware individual. Our intellectual recollection may fade with major life events, but the ‘residue’ remains in the unconscious and the body’s consciousness. Chronic muscle tensions can be a signal when feelings have been suppressed due to having a threatening quality.

Talk therapy can have a major impact on the awareness of half of the issue and gaining clearer understanding and insight. However, talking sometimes is mired in the thinking about talking about memories, avoiding suppressed feelings. It is the re-experiencing of the feeling that is necessary for psychological growth to take place. Feelings accessed strictly verbally can appear in diminished form and often are brought to their full intensity usually with great difficulty, of course with some exceptions.

One rationale for energetic bodywork in psychotherapy is that the body intervention more predictably gives access to the feelings. Through the body, this access is more direct. It provides a very direct path to the affects, which are connected with the past, the unfinished business. Bodywork tends to evoke feelings in their full power. Bodywork counseling gently encourages an individual to connect with feelings surrounding trauma, confusion, and pain that are held within their body. As one comes into contact with these feelings, they do so from a non-rational/intellectual place but from a more emotional/intuitive place. This facilitates the release of the emotions and also seems to bring additional insight and clarity to the situation/issue at hand.

When the body is used as a gateway into the psyche, people are accessing their inner wisdom for greater emotional and psychological integration. Issues are more rapidly resolved, and physical symptoms, such as chronic pain, are also alleviated in the process without having to ‘psychoanalyze’ an issue for a prolonged time.