I have received Reiki treatments from Jennifer Yost over the past couple of years.  During that time, I have found her to be compassionate, professional, insightful and respectful.  Through her treatments, I have experienced healing of some emotional and physical problems that have bothered me for years.  I highly recommend her work!

~ Monica Z

Jennifer has a keen intuitive sense of where my energy is jumbled and needs attention, in spite of what initial complaint I come to her with!  It's great to have her be so connected with what I truly need!  Her mastery of Reiki combined with her powerful intuition makes her an incredibly effective healer!

~ Mark B

Working with Jen was great because while her healing work deals with more unseen and esoteric energies, Jen's education and professionalism shine through in her approach to you as a client.  I always felt I was working with someone who was level-headed, ethical, and grounded in the real world- yet someone who was open to beyond and someone whose sincere goal was to assist you on your own way.

~ Jessica H

I know Jen in many ways, as a friend, a colleague, a healer and a teacher. She is steadfast in her ability to be present and grounded when she is with you in any capacity; especially as a healer/counselor. Her focus and determination with her art of healing is tremendous and palpable. I always appreciate any time I get to spend with Jen as I feel her compassion and support at the heart level.

~ Kathleen B

I can trust her both as a counselor and a healer. I appreciate that I could have a chance to see Jennifer. Even though I am Japanese and know about Reiki and many Japanese Reiki healers, I just sensed that maybe I needed to see her. The first time, I had Psychotherapy & Reiki session, I was amazed that the energy she had was very fine and clear, which surrounded my whole body. I took Reiki level 1 and 2 and will take 3 soon. Every time I took her Reiki class, I could have confidence that my sixth sense becomes more sharp and clear, and my ability as a healer has increased.

~ Atsue S

I have been a client of Jennifer's for several years -- getting Reiki treatments and attending many of her Reiki circles. She is a very intuitive practitioner, very skilled in her Reiki craft, as well as a counselor who has dedicated her life to healing. I am fortunate to be one of her clients. I strongly recommend her.

~ Dr. Robert D

Jen Yost is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable in the field of energy work. She has the ability to tune into all levels of the body mind - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual - during her sessions. I trust her implicitly!

~ Andrea R